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If you meet fuk buddies who reside in your local community after your initial get together, and if it turns out you turn each other on, all you need to do is type up a text message to go for another roll in the hay. The BEST reason is based purely on convenience as having a friendly hookup close by means you don't have to get all dressed up like normal dates. Another one of the best fringe benefits of getting a booty call on speed dial is the fact that you don't have to bring any feelings or drama along for the ride and instead can concentrate on teasing and pleasing each other for as long as you feel like meeting up for fuck dates. And when it's time to say hello and also goodbye you don't even have to stress out as fuck-buddy-type-people tend to get the hint and move on for their next adventure ass well. NO BULLSHIT JUST SOME REAL STEADY SEX 4 YOU and your partner too since that is what being buddies is all about in the end.


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While technically you aren't dating you should establish a few ground rules to make sure your relationship is mutually beneficial to both pals. Are you going to keep it casual and all about satisfaction in the bedroom? Maybe you will find a few mutual interests like gaming or working out etc. Is it going to be ok to sleep over? Or NOT sleep over? If you establish answers to questions such as these in the very beginning of your relations-ship a long and happy fuck-ship will most likely be had by all willing participants. Just follow the general rules of life IE treat your fuck buddy as you like to be treated and not like a random stranger who you won't ever see again and therefore really couldn't give a single fuck about.

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